Saman Safe House Plan

Safe House Plan

Saman safe house plan is a comprehensive program for safety of your lives and assets. Such policies cover a major part of risks threatening your house and furniture and family up to a specified capital. With this program you will no longer be worried about unpleasant incidents and consequences.

Premium of Saman safe house plan

The premium of the above policy amounts to IRR 672,000 per year and is inclusive of 4% VAT, as follows:

Calculation of the capital of construction

Value of each square metre of building multiplied by the built area

(Value of building – value of material used and consumption charges of the building without consideration of the value of land)

Increase of capital in Saman safe house plan

The insured may increase the capital of the policy by up to 5 times. It should be noted that the total premium of the policy shall also rise pro rata.

Further risks

In addition to the risks of Fire, thunder, explosion and flood, the building, installations and furniture may with payment of additional premium be insured against further risks as follows:

- Quakes and volcanoes

- Crack of water pipes

- Storm and tempest

- Aircraft

- Damage caused by snow and rain

Covered items

Building, installation and furniture will be covered against risks of fire, thunder, explosion with capitals as follows:

Building and installations with a capital of:                                         IRR 300,000,000

Furniture with a capital of:                                                                   IRR 100,000,000

Furniture against theft as per the list indicated on the overleaf of the offer up to:                  IRR 100,000,000

Damage incurred by third parties as a result of fire, thunder and explosion up to:               IRR 200,000,000

Death and disability because of subject incidents of the insurance:

                  For one person maximum up to:                                        IRR 100,000,000

                  For several persons maximum up to:                                  IRR 400,000,000

Medical charges, arisen out of undertaken incidents, of people authorized to reside at the subject place of insurance:

                  For one person maximum up to:                                          IRR 10,000,000

                  For several persons maximum up to:                                   IRR 40,000,000

Maximum costs for provisional renting or residing of the insured and family members at another place if it is impossible to reside in the insured place because of fire, thunder or flood: IRR 60,000,000