Accident Only Insurance

Considering daily activities and jobs of individuals Saman Insurance Company has offered various types of insurance in removing the anxiety of accident occurrences in the moments of living. All of us are the members of various groups such as students, athletes, workers, employees and etc. Considering the risk of accident in each group accident insurances are presentable to various persons.

Accident only insurance policies is for covering sudden accidents and occurrences which can result in injury, defect of limb, disability and/or death of individual and is possible to occur in the living of every individual. Saman Insurance protects you and your family against these risks and accidents. You can purchase this insurance policy for you and your family with a specified sun insured for one year. Accident only insurance policy is valid all times round the clock (24) in all over the world.

Who can be the beneficiary of accident only insurance?

The spouse, child, father and mother can be introduced as the beneficiaries/users of the sum insured of only accident insurance. It is also possible to introduce one of organizations or charity centers as a beneficiary.

The minimum age of insured which are coverable by only accident insurance could be 12 and max 17. The individuals over 75 years can be covered by such insurance under special conditions.

some diseases as asthma, cardiac disease, nervous disorders, diabetes and etc. or has partial or permanent defect of limb such as cut of one of major organs like leg and/or fingers of hand and/or leg, blindness of one eye, deafness etc. which decreases, the efficiency of damaged member more than 20%, can be covered by only accident insurance providing that the insured pays additional premium.

The covers of accident only policy:

- Death arising from various accidents such as drowning and electrical shock …

- Food disease and/or chemical

- Corporal damages arising from effect of acid and/or any type of other corrosive material

- Muscles and veins cramp or cut/tear, affection by rabies, tetanus and anthrax

- Defect of limb and full and permanent disability arising from accident (in full and in part)

- Medical expense arising from accident

- Family accidents cover