Receiving Travel Insurance Loss

Travel Insurance

The honorable insured who use Saman insurance may, upon occurrence of accident and/or unexpected events, contact to the numbers of Mideast Company, and this company will take action toward preparing the coordination required for paying the damages at your destination country.

Documents required for receiving traveling insurance loss

1- Original insurance policy

2- Copy of passport (first, visa, exit and arrival seal pages)

3- Original bills paid

4- Reports relating to expenses (certificate of death, copy of birth certificate, medical certificate issued by hospital and/or medical centers)

5- Letter or report of Travel Agency for the damage of delay in baggage or flight delay

It should be mentioned that the 24-hour answering calls of Saman Insurance Policy are as follows:

Iran center (Persian tongue answering): +98-21-8943

Lebanon center (Persian/English tongue): +961-4-548356

Assistance conveying experts email: