Travel Insurance FAQ

1- Are all hospitals in countries under the cover of travel insurance are in contract with assistance agency?

Hospitals in foreign countries are not specifically under contract because there are too many insurance companies and hospitals are not able to represent health services merely after observing insurance policy. In order to enjoy insurance services, circumstances should be coordinated with assistance agency to send required guarantee for the hospital to pay costs.

2- If the flight is canceled after issuance of travel insurance, will there be this possibility to recover the insurance policy?

Yes, it is recoverable, providing that not being travelled before expiration of visa.

3- Can those people who suffer from heart diseases or have been confined to hospital provide travel insurance?

Yes, but any problem occurring due to background of decease will not be covered.

4- Is there this possibility to contact assistance agency through email?

Yes, through for Middle East countries.

5- For which countries it is required to have travel insurance?

Schengen Area including 28 countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Lithonia, Leetonia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, malt and Egypt.

6- Does health costs pay directly in target countries?

Yes, if contacting and coordinating with assistance agency.

7- In case of internet shopping, is it necessary to carry a print of insurance policy?

If customer does not have a print of insurance policy but knows its information, a copy of insurance policy will be sent for him/her by email to use to inform assistance agency.

8- What to do if documents are theft during a trip?

This insurance policy does not cover the theft, but if passport or driving license or birth certificate are theft, the cost for reissuance of these documents are repayable up to 200 Euros.

9- Is it possible to provide travel insurance for land travels to some neighboring countries such as Turkey or Armenia?

Yes, It is possible.