Saman Universal Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Excellent and unique project of SAMAN universal life insurance that designed according to flexible universal model is one of the most favorable life insurance around the world . SAMAN universal life insurance policy is a kind of whole life insurance.This insurance policy offers you a guaranteed and flexible coverage based on your expences .

Conditions of universal life insurance:

* Selection of specific Fund according to paid profit (Considerable payment profit according to selected Fund)

* Possibility to take loan up to 90% of Reserve after the first year

* Withdrawal from Reserve after the first year

* Possibility to change the entire or a part of Reserve account to Annuity and retirement

* Payment of a capital up to 100 times of insurance premium if Accidental Death happen

* Payment of disability capital equal with death benefit of policy for each year in cases of permanent disability

* Complete disability vavor of premium coverage for 10 years due to disease or accident

* Payment of pension/Annuity equal with two times of the last insurance premium for 10 years in cases of complete disability due to disease or accident

* Payment of medical expenses for critical illnesses up to 210,000,000 Rials

* The life insurance policy and all it’s reserve due to deposit are Tax-Free

* SAMAN Credit Cards

* Flexibility of insurance premium payment based on income of any person

*  Age flexibility from birth date till 70th  years old