Supplementary Retirement Insurance

Retirement is the least income cycle in life and may continue for one third of our life. Most of the employees intend to enjoy various advantages when they are going to be retired based on their share in organizational successes. SAMAN supplementary insurance for the retired people is the newest plan in our country. SAMAN supplementary insurance plan for the retired people removes any concern about financial consequences resulted due to the death, and provides the future for employees and their families.

Qualifications of SAMAN supplementary Retirement  insurance policy:

* Supplementary retirement insurance policy

* Payment of 18 times of paid premium (the last monthly income) to the heirs if insured dies.

* Payment of Reserve

* Proportion between premium and income increase of income

* Insurance time-table regarding monthly income

* Taking loans with the most appropriate interest rate

* Saving a part of premiums in an employee’s fund

* Tax free for Reserve & life benefit

* Planning according to working condition of each employee

* Covering natural death up to 18 times of premium and accidental death up to 72 times of

* premium