Collision Car Insurance

Any automobile is at the disposal of unforeseeable physical risks and accidents in addition to natural depreciation, and these risks may impose you heavy expenses. Saman auto insurance group indemnifies this type of expenses.

The accidents under cover of this policy whether are during moving or at stop are as follows:


The loses incurred to automobile and/or its spare or major parts as result of fire, electric storm or explosion.


In whole theft of automobile is amongst the major risks of collision insurance as well as the loss arising from starting to theft. But slight theft of automobile (theft of parts and accessories) is not under cover of collision auto insurance in general and is incidental to additional risks of collision insurance and extra insurance premium is received for it.

Losses incurred to the automobile are covered under policy when it is emerged as result of your own fault or failure (the driver of insured automobile); otherwise, its indemnification is the responsibility of the damaging party which is subject to automobile third party insurance (link third party insurance page).

Auto insurance merely is valid inside Iran, for being valid abroad it is required to prepare a special agreement between you and Saman Insurance Company.