Vision, Mission and Strategy

Mission and Vision


   By 1397 (2018), Saman Insurance will have excelled in its activities and services to target customers and insurance industry through building trust



   Providing diverse and high-quality insurance services to individuals and corporations in the region utilizing an innovative approach


   Development of Saman Insurance as for vision statement comprised of 4 main areas:

      -  Developing new revenue models through implementing a new value chain approach

   Saman Insurance core activities elicited from value chain and optimized by a global model. Main items of this area are corporate governance, risk management and compliance.

      -  Optimizing investment infrastructure

   Investment as the primary activity of insurance industry needs more considering to build-up valuable investment chain. Saman Insurance established an investment subsidiary company to fulfill applicable requirements of board directions. This is the result of the strategy of outsourcing professional activities to obtain accretion efficiency. Besides, weak performance of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the market propels us to establish TPAs which provide services to the industry. Investment TPA prepares related services underpinned by innovation and proficiency.   

      -  Advanced customer analysis

   By the vision of being excelled in activities, Saman Insurance had taken a new direction in its business while planning for customers. Customers divided into two segments; low-risk and high-risk. With this segmentation, customers indwell to products lifecycle which foster marketing activities.